"We've all had that feeling like we've been here before. That nothing we do really matters, because it's already been done. That there is no self-control and there is no escape."
Savannah O'Neill as Jenny 
Connie Galvan as Jasmine 
Glen Kellerman as Leo 
Chris M. Rodriguez as Sam 
Mia Scornavacca as "Kiss Him!" Kid 
Audio Editing by: Chris M. Rodriguez 
Featured songs: "Elephant" by Nightwork "Nirvash" by Nightwork 
Visuals by: Taylor Noelle 
Produced by: Chris M. Rodriguez & Taylor Noelle
Jenny has had enough of this ridiculous house party and just wants to go home, especially when she keeps running into a mysterious man who claims to "know her from somewhere." But she soon realizes she can never truly escape and something beyond her understanding is connecting her to this place and to the man who will not leave her alone. 

Enter 7 Minutes In Heaven,