Filmmaker & Writer 
Chris M. Rodriguez, Co-Founder
Chris M. Rodriguez is an Atlanta-based, Miami-raised filmmaker. He began his career as a writer and in 2020, he wrote the award-winning short comedy "Aubergine", receiving recognition from more than a dozen festivals including awards from Big Sur Film Festival and IndieX Film Fest. Later that same year, Chris made his directorial debut with the ultra low-budget horror film "Shhh", which was shot during the pandemic lockdown. The film launched the dream-like, psychological form of horror storytelling that Chris continues to explore in his work. "Shhh" was released in 2021 and received accolades from several film festivals including an award for Best Micro Short at the Southern Horror Film Festival. 
In 2022, Chris co-founded ThornCreek Films and directed the company’s debut project, "The Boy Outside." Independently produced with the help of crowdfunding, "The Boy Outside" tells the story of a daughter caring for her ailing father, who swears he can hear a little boy crying outside his window. She soon discovers the sound is all too real and that it just might consume them both. The film premiered in the spring of 2023.